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Advancement in information technology has assured that the world has no boundaries. Websites operating in one part of the world can now provide their services across the global. Various business website applications are now being developed as they have wider reachability to audience local and global. Script Technology, a well-known Web Application Development Company, highlights that web applications can be customized to work seamlessly on both desktop as well as mobile applications.

Web application development is the process of building a web application for a business website. An interactive computer program is built using myriad technologies such as HTML, CSS, JS etc. and it stores data in files or databases which allows manipulation of data. A web application when connected through the internet can be used by one or multiple users. Script Technology, a well-known Web Application Development Company, elaborates that Development of the web applications involves different processes such as defining the problem, engaging with different users, creating a framework, and choosing tools for website creation. Based on the acceptance criteria the web application is created. A web application, comprises of the following:

1. Database

Based on the data and its usage by different functionality to identify whether relational or non-relational databases should be used to store user data. Script Technology, providing Web Application Development Services India elaborate that different types of databases include MySQL, Postgres etc.

2. Frontend

The frontend comprises HTML, CSS, and JS and mirrors the wireframe/prototype. Frontend comprises the user interface with which the user interacts directly. Based on the user input received from the website user, the front end connects with the backend with the help of APIs.

3. Backend

The functions of the backend in web application development is to handle how the server sends the desired information to the website visitors. As further elaborated by Script Technology, a Web Application Development Company, backend provides HTTP/HTTPS endpoints for the frontend. Other functions of the backend include authenticating users, authorization, etc.

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