What is the importance of heading tags, meta tags and Alt tags in Seo?

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Importance of Header, Meta and Alt tags in SEO

Tags help in highlighting integral elements of the content and thus play a crucial role in improve ranks for a website. When the site satisfies the queries of the user by displaying the information in concise fashion, translating into good user experience, search engines provide high ratings to such websites. SEO services Noida emphasis that tags also provide effective and navigable page structure.

  • 1. Meta Tag
    The Meta tag is displayed after the title tag on the web page. It is a snippet which provides an accurate explanation of the content of the page. It is pertinent from the optimization point of view as based on meta tag content, the users will take decisions whether the web page serves his/her search requirement. Initially the optimum length for Meta descriptions was decided to be 150-165 characters, but due to recent changes, Digital marketing company suggests that longer snippets can be updated.
  • 2. Alt Tag
    Image optimization is an integral element of modern SEO. This is because it provides an opportunity for a webpage to rank in the search results with its visual content. Alt text ensures that both search engine and people can access the images. It provides text alternative to images which is displayed alternatively, when images cannot be loaded. In case image does not load, ALT tag informs the search engines what exactly the image represents. SEO services Noida describes this tag is useful to describe visual content.
  • 3. Header Tag
    Heading tags are used to identify heading and subheadings inside the content which helps distinguish it from paragraph text. An H1 tag is page title or article headline while h2 is subheadings for content division. The header tag adds to the architecture of the content.
  • For users: Headings are anchors for the user which help in easy navigation and understanding of the web page. It elevates user experience
  • Search engines: A well-organized content is readable and web crawling is easier in a well-structured content thus providing higher ranks.

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