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Have you mean enamored by websites having eye catching graphics and easy to use user interface? Do you feel that features like chat bots enhance you experience on a new website? If your answer to almost all the questions is a yes, chances are that the websites were developed by WordPress Development Company. These companies’ curates secure websites for their clients to improve their SEO ranking on the web searches.

Script Technology, the best WordPress Development Company in Delhi NCR elaborate that various factors such as services offered, user requirements, technology, architecture, and targeted audience are taken into consideration while creating a website. Some of the services offered are:

1.Full customization and intuitive designs
WordPress is known for its intuitive interface which facilitates complete customization of the client’s website to make in interactive and dynamic. Adding new pages, blog posts, images, etc. allows seamless integration of changes on a regular basis with complete ease. Setting up RSS / email subscriptions to your blog, adding an event calendar, video gallery, twitter Feed and updating the recent blog posts to other pages of website (your home page, for example) are other features offered.

2.Search Engines friendly websites
WordPress websites have simple and clean code, making it easier for search engines to read and index the website’s content. Each page, post, and image have its own meta tag keywords such as description, and title. These tags can be optimized for specific keywords thus allowing precise search engine optimization.  High search engine ranks translate into extending company’s outreach.

3.Managing website and its control
WordPress which is browser-based content management system. Script Technology, a WordPress development company elaborate that using internet access, client’s websites can be managed from any location. Once a website is developed, its maintenance and adding new features can be done independently by the clients.

4.Scalability and Performance
As business scales and website traffic increases there is a need to upscale the website. WordPress Websites can have thousands of pages or blog posts, but the performance of the site is not compromised.

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